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If you have questions about Harriers or are interested in a puppy, contact me at
Text or phone 971-218-0064
Note: I will not have a litter until 2019 at earliest.


ALL my Harriers are house dogs. The boys at Shadowmere are also house dogs. Harriers, like almost all breeds, enjoy the companionship of their families.


THE GIRLS: Yahtze |Gossip |Kate |Rose

THE BOYS: Monroe

BLYTHMOOR HARRIERS AT SHADOWMERE: Chase |Sterling |Zeller |Preacher


Yahtze had SIX pups on February 24, 2018
PUPPY Pictures

Sire: CH Wynfields Moonstone at Sheez-Beez (Quest)

Young Preacher (CH Blythmoors Comedy of Errors at Shadowmere) finished his Championship with two BOB's over specials at just under 8 months of age. Sisters Kate and Rose both have major points.

  • Yahtze's first litter was sired by GrCH Hartshires Walkabout (Foster) -- Pups Born October 19, 2016.
    9 boys and 1 girl. Click here to see the YAHTZE/Foster PUPS and here for more Yahtze Puppy Pictures

    Three of the pups now have CH points (Druid, Sterling, and Andre).
    Two are already CH's --
    --CH Blythmoors Mystery Date at Shadowmere. Sterling was WD at the Regional Specialty in California in 2017 (owned by Peggy Miller) and
    -- CH Blythmoors Checkmate at Hartshire. Andre was WD at the 2018 National Specialty. (Owned by Robbin Phillips)


GCH Blythmoors Perchance to Dream, TDU

April 30, 2014
OFA Good, Elbow Clear, Eye Clear


Sire: CH Happytails Take A Chance on Faith, TD

Dam: GrCH Blythmoors Scholarly Pursuit, TD TDU ROM

Extended Pedigree

After raising her litter of 10 pups sired by Foster, Yahtze returned to show ring in the summer of 2017). She earned most of her Grand points with several wins over Champions and received an invitation to Westminster based on her Top 5 Harrier standings.
- Reserve Winners Bitch at the HCA Regional specialty 2015.
- Finished her CH after the 2016 National Specialty.
- BOS two days on the 2017 National weekend.
- BOS all three days at the Harvest cluster including the Harrier Regional Specialty.

2018 - - After weaning her litter sired by Quest, Yahtze finished her Grand at the 2018 National Specialty. She was Select Bitch at National Specialty and two other shows that weekend. She is on her way to the Bronze Grand.

She is #2 in Grand Champion points for 2018 and #4 in lifetime points (and #1 bitch tied with the lovely GCH Icon Oaks Harmony in the Hills)

Yahtze is also training in tracking and seems to like urban settings. She has her certification and can now enter tracking tests. NEWS! On her first try, Yahtze earned her Tracking Dog Urban title in Portland. Jan. 1, 2018. Happy New years!

2017 Stats

#5 Harrier

#6 Harrier All Breed
#2 Harrier Grand Champion points




Blythmoor's Taming of the Shrew


February 24, 2018


CH Wynfield Moonstruck of Sheez-Beez x GCH Blythmoors Perchance to Dream TDU

She got her first point, and BOW, at the Longview Kelso KC show on September 1, 2018
With a Best of Winners award at the regional Harrier Specialty, Kate now has her first major.



Blythmoor's A Rose By Any Other Name

Feb. 24, 2018



CH Wynfield Moonstruck of Sheez-Beez
Dam: GCH Blythmoors Perchance to Dream TDU


On her first whirlwind set of shows, Rose got her first 5 points (singles) and went on the go Best of Opposite Sex (over 2 specials) in Central Point for her first major at 8 months of age.





In Summer 2017, she was bred to
-- aka GCHB Blythmoor Chance Encounter at Shadowmere TD TDU TKN
(owned by Peggy Miller and Laurie Kudna), Gossip had three lovely pups in August, 2017.

Zeller, Pax and Whisper




Wynfields When Sunny Gets Blue

November 14, 2011
OFA Good

CH Bluhills Sakura Catch Me If U Can (Wyatt) x Wynfields Moonstone (Gaea)

Extended Pedigree

Bred by Ellen Parr, Wynfield

Gossip joined the household in late 2016. Thanks to Becky McElroy for sending this girl my way. Gossip is incredibly easy to live with. With light showing, she only needs a major to finish and has a specialty WB under her belt! Took her out tracking and she has a real aptitude for that.









Baby Monroe



GCH Blythmoors Chance of a Lifetime

April 30, 2014

OFA Fair, Elbow clear

Sire: CH Happytails Take A Chance on Faith, TD

Dam: GrCH Blythmoors Scholarly Pursuit, TD TDU ROM

Extended Pedigree

Monroe is now co-owned by the Maplethorpes. Conner is showing him in Junior Handling (and is the #1 Junior showing a Harrier) and breed. He has snagged some nice GrCH points by going Select Dog three times on the National Specialty weekend (2017).

Starting out, he earned a Bred by Exhibitor Group TWO at the Cascade Hound Association show in 2015 and a NOHS Group ONE in 2016. He is a very sweet dog. 2016 All Breed # 7, Breed #6 and Owner Handler #7 Harrier with limited showing.
2018 Breed #4, All Breed #5, and Owner Handler #3

Moe finished his Grand at the 2018 National Specialty and was Select Dog three of the four shows. He then travelled to Montana and earned a Group 3.

BOB at the 2018 Regional Specialty in Pleasanton, CA

Monroe was sidelined for quite a while in 2017. He had a catastrophic infection -- misdiagnosed and on the wrong antibiotic for 6 months. He crashed a few weeks after the 2017 National....had a CT and was rushed to emergency surgery at Oregon State University Vet School and was not expected to live. He was skin and bones. His heart had stopped during surgery and they called me to see if I wanted to just let him go. But we had already made it through the surgery, so I told them to keep going. He went to ICU, on breathing support, meds for BP and Heart, IV's, etc. By morning, he was rallying. After 4 days in ICU, he amazed everyone by his rapid recovery. He came home and continued to recover. By June, he was back in weight and showed one day in Juniors at Cascade Hound. He's back with Maplethorpes now and will continue his show career. He's my miracle dog!



These boys are owned by Peggy Miller. Because Peggy lives close to me, and I see these boys on a regular basis (including travelling to shows), I feel very close to them.

So I've included them on this page . Questions about these boys can be answered by Peggy at

#1 Harrier (Breed), #2 Harrier (All Breed), #2 Harrier (NOHS), #1 Harrier Grand Champion (one of only 3 Harrier Bronze GRCH's)

Best of Breed at the 2018 National Specialty
#1 Harrier in Lifetime Grand Champion points






GCHS Blythmoor Chance Encounter at Shadowmere, TD TDU TKN
(the ONLY Harrier to attain Grand Champion Silver status)
OFA hip, elbow, heart, patella and eye clear

(brother to Yahtze and Monroe)

Reserve Owner Handled BEST IN SHOW
BOB at two of the other three shows and a Hound Group 3

No. 1 Harrier in Breed points as of October 31, 2018 and
2018 #2 Owner Handler

Extended Pedigree

Chase finished with flair by going Best of Breed over three Champions in 2016.
and then winning the Hound Group at Cascade Hound Association shows (Best in Show).

Chase was one of only three Harrier Bronze Grand CH and the only one that was 100% owner handled. He is now the only Harrier to attain Silver Grand CH status. Chase has many Group placements, Group wins, NOHS Best in Show. Chase also competes in Agility and is on his way to more Tracking titles.

The standard says .. Gait Perfect coordination between the front and hind legs. Reach and drive are consistent with the desired moderate angulation.

From Harrier Judge's Education presentation: "Please note the head and tail carriage. These are natural for the breed and they should not be gaited with their heads strung up."

In 2017, Chase sired a lovely litter out of CH Wynfield's When Sunny Gets Blue

Their son, Zeller, at 5 months.




Zeller's Sister, Whisper, lives with Sheila Allen in Washington and finished her Championship on the weekend of our 2018 National Specialty. As of October statistics, Whisper is #1 Harrier All Breed



CH Blythmoor Chase Away the Blues at Shadowmere


August 5, 2017

GCHB Blythmoor Chance Encounter at Shadowmere TD TDU TKN x Wynfields When Sunny Gets Blue

Extended Pedigree

Zeller finished his CH by taking BOB over specials. On that same day, he earned a Group 4 in Hound Group.


Expecting great things from both Zeller and his sister, Whisper







CH Blythmoors Comedy of Errors at Shadowmere


February 24, 2018
CH Wynfield Moonstruck of Sheez-Beez x GCH Blythmoors Perchance to Dream TDU

Not to be outdone by his cousins, Preacher got his first major win on September 9, by going BOB over two specials (his mother and his uncle), 2 other unrelated class dogs, and 2 class bitches. At the 2018 Regional Specialty in California, Preacher was Best of Breed over 8 specials and finished the following day with a major win. At 8 months of age!

Extended Pedigree