GCH Blythmoors Chance Encounter at Shadowmere, TD2 x Wynfields When Sunny Gets Blue

Litter born August 5, 2017
1 dog; 2 bitches

Watch their progress here!

Very happy with the personalities on these pups. They are affectionate, and fearless. Loved their first interaction with young children and adult dogs.


Sire: GrCH Blythmoors Chance Encounter at Shadowmere TD (Chase) (pictured on his way to a Group 1 at Lost Coast KC)
Owned and shown by Peggy Miller, Shadowmere

Dam: Wynfields When Sunny Gets Blue (a specialty win)
Bred by: Ellen Parr

bitch pup at 6 weeks - CH Blythmoors Tell Me No Tales at Sheez-Beez aka Whisper.


Pax - bitch pup at 6 weeks. Pax has gone to live in Edmonton, Alberta CA


Zeller at 6 weeks. Now CH Blythmoors Chase Away the Blues at Shadowmere.

And at his new home with Peggy Miller at Shadowmere.