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THE GIRLS: Bramble









Bramble was bred to CH Happytails Take a Chance on Faith TD and had 7 pups on April 30, 2014.
She was an exceptionally good mother.

Two of her pups stayed at Blythmoor - Monroe and Yahtze.
Emmy (CH Blythmoor's Jump at the Chance TKN) is showing with the Gowen's in Florida.
(GCHB Blythmoors Chance Encounter at Shadowmere, TD2 TDU) is owned and loved by Peggy Miller, in Oregon.
Baron,(CH Blythmoors Sporting Chance at Briggcastle) is in California with Jill Briggs.
Stella (UKC CH Blythmoors Stella) finished her UKC Championship in the northeast and now has some AKC major points.



GCH Blythmoors Scholarly Pursuit TD TDU ROM
Register of Merit
First Harrier to earn the Tracking Dog Urban title

November 28, 2010 - July 6, 2017

Bramble died way too young from a large tumor on her spleen.

Sire: CH CT Hartshire Hallboy, TD TDX VST (only Harrier Champion Tracker)
Dam: GCH Wynfields Starlight Star Bright, TD



Bramble earned her Register of Merit status with her litter sired by GrCH Happytails Take a Chance on Faith, TD. Six pups in that litter finished Championships -- Chase, Monroe, Emmy, Yahtze, Baron and Stella.

With a lovely start to her show career, Bramble was WB both days at Cascade Hound Show, and was Bred By Group 3 on Sunday.

Reserve WB at the 2012 National. Finished her CH the following weekend with her fourth major win and a Bred By Exhibitor Group 3 -- and took another major and BOB over 2 specials the following day.

2013 Cascade Hound Show - BOB over specials both days

2013 National Specialty - Best of Opposite Sex
2014 National - did not attend
2015 National - Select Bitch (her son, Monroe was BOW and her dam was BOS
2016 National - Her son and daughter (Baron and Emmy) were WD and WB, Son Chase was Select Dog. Yahtze and Baron both finished CH's that weekend
2017 National - Select Bitch -- and her son, Chase was Select Dog. Her dam earned an Award of Merit from the Veterans Class

Once she weaned the pups in 2014, she went back to work and earned her TDU (Tracking Dog Urban) title and was working on more advanced titles.








.QUIZ KIDS: Here are the accomplishments of some of Quiz's offspring

QUEST -- CH Wynfield Moonstruck at Sheez-Beez (4 major wins)
GAEA - Wynfield's Moonstone is a lovely red/white that is major pointed. She was Best Bred By at the 2011 Harrier National. Sadly Gaea died in 2014 in an accident.
BRAMBLE - CH Blythmoors Scholarly Pursuit won back to back majors at the 2011 Cascade Hound Show (7 months old) and a BBE Group 3, finished her CH in 2012 with 5 majors, two BBE Group III's and a BOB. 2012 Hound show was back to back BOB over specials. FIRST Harrier to earn a Tracking Dog Urban title.


CH CT Hartshire Hallboy, TD TDX VST
The only Harrier Champion Tracker


May 23, 2005 -- March 26, 2018

Extended Pedigree
CH Wesford Twenty Four KT Fools Gold x CH Hartshires Tiny Dancer

Quiz came to live with me as a 3 year old. He finished his Championship on February 15, 2009. He got his Tracking certification the following day and earned his TD on April 12, 2009. He earned his TDX on November 11, 2012. He demonstrated an aptitude for variable surface and on March 15, he became the first Harrier CHAMPION TRACKER (tracking titles at all levels) by getting his VST (Variable Surface Tracking) award. The VST is an aged track (3-5 hours) in an urban setting. Quiz ignored joggers and other dogs to follow his track and earn his title!

Quiz retired and enjoyed his last years urban dog, living with Susan and Aaron and their retired Harrier bitches in Seattle.

He came down to the 2017 Harrier National to snag a Best in Sweepstakes win!

Quiz's TD passand his VST pass