Blythmoors Undeniable, OA OAJ WC NAC NJC NGC CDX TDX RA

Versatile Companion Dog II as of June 2004 when she earned her Companion Dog Excellent title

OFA Hips EXCELLENT, Elbows Clear,

CERF Annually and Heart Cleared

whelped 8/2/96

CH Breton Gate's Duke Hissarlik, JH x Chelons Chatterbox, WC CGC Click here for Sabrina's pedigree

What do all those letters behind her name mean? OA and OAJ are AKC agility titles at the Open level. WC is a retriever working (hunting) certificate. NAC, NJC, NGC are three NADAC agility titles in Novice standard, jumpers and gamblers. The CDX is an advanced AKC obedience title. Sabrina earned all her qualifying scores for her AKC Novice Agility and Novice Jumpers titles with placements. She finished her Open title with a first place and her Open Jumpers title with a fourth place.

At 10 years old, Sabrina is semi-retired. She is my travelling companion, and dabbles in advanced Rally classes.


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