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I breed very few litters. In the upcoming months, I plan to breed Gossip, who had only 3 pups in her last litter, and Yahtze, whose last litter was 1 year ago.
This will be Gossip's last litter.



Litter sired by Foster a year ago

CH Blythmoors Perchance to Dream

April 30, 2014
OFA Good, Elbow Clear, Eye Clear


Sire: CH Happytails Take A Chance on Faith, TD

Dam: GrCH Blythmoors Scholarly Pursuit, TD TDU ROM

Extended Pedigree

2017: #5 Harrier


Waiting for Yahtze to come in heat. Tentative plan is to breed her to CH Wynfield Moonstruck at Sheez-Beez (Quest)





Gossip's first litter born August 5, 2017 Zeller, Pax and Whisper

I am planning a breeding to Chase's brother, Monroe (CH Chance of a Lifetime) this winter (2017)




Wynfields When Sunny Gets Blue

November 14, 2011
OFA Good

CH Bluhills Sakura Catch Me If U Can (Wyatt) x Wynfields Moonstone (Gaea)

Extended Pedigree