Wynfield Meriadoc The Conductor, TD
(aka Maestro)

After a long time without a Beagle in the house, I found just the right pup to fill that void. I fell in love with Maestro's mother, Nika, both in the show ring and in the tracking field. When she was bred to the delightful show dog, CH Just-Wright The Full Monty, I knew that was going to be the litter for me! Maestro is Wynfield Meriadoc The Conductor, and he just earned his first show point at the Hound Specialty in June, 2010 (his first show!). He is also hard at work in the field AND, at the tender age of 10 months, earned his TRACKING DOG title at the Beagle National in October, 2010!

Maestro was bred by Wynfield Hounds of Woodburn, Oregon.

Is there anything cuter than a beagle pup? And he is a champion bed warmer too!

Don't let anyone tell you that Hounds are dumb! They are very delightful and clever dogs. And they will do ANYTHING for food. One of Whoopie's son's figured out how to push a footstool over to a table so that he could reach the cat's food. I once caught Whoopie ON TOP OF the refrigerator (there was a ham thawing up there). If not properly trained, they will use their cleverness to get themselves into all sorts of trouble.

Are Hounds noisy? Whoopie howled at everything, real or perceived. Reggie was generally very quiet -- unless the neighbor's peacocks were nearby. My new boy, Maestro, is a pretty mellow fellow and only sounds off when he thinks it's necessary. As with many other breeds, some individuals are noisier than others. Frankly I find their howling less annoying than barking.


Our first beagle (born in 1991)-- Applegate's Afternoon Delight, CD, NA NAJ OAC OAJ -- also known as "Whoopie" (Hint: Her sire's name was "Good Time Charlie")
Those letters after her registered name mean she was a very smart little cookie. She had an AKC Obedience title and FOUR agility titles. She also had some show points. Whoopie died just a few days short of her 17th birthday. She is missed.

1991 - 2008


CH Blythmoor's King Oberon,
is Whoopie's son "Reggie". He finished his Championship quite young and was a wonderful family companion. He also knew quite a bit of obedience and loved playing at agility. True to his breed, he was an incorrigible thief when it comes to food!

1994 - 2008



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