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2018 Breeding Schedule

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Please Email me if you have any questions or would like to reserve a Blythmoor Nigerian from my 2017 kiddings.
See the Sales Page for details on reserving and purchasing a goat.

I sold a lot of does this past year to lighten my work load, then took most of the year off from milking and showing.

I kept the cream of the crop. I am looking forward to the kids these does produce starting in February.




Estimated DUE dates - % linebred - link to pedigree SIRE Comments
SGCH Blythmoor Spice LA90 B. Payday


I did not beed Spice last year so I'm very excited about this breeding. Breeding to bring in Almond Joy and Snapdragon (which always worked well with Spice). This will likely be Spice's last kidding. She is my foundation doe and has produced many nice daughters.


SGCH Blythmoor Samse 3*M LA90 11% Pedigree Hank


Doe reserved; doe retained

Samse is stepping into her dam's shoes as a great producer. Her daughters are proving to be top does.

B. Poppy LA89 12.7%
B. Hanky Panky


B. Bella Swan B. Hanky Panky


B. Zenyatta 4*M LA90   Payday

Another awesome Samse daughter, Zen is a 3rd generation LA90 doe and fourth generation *milker

B. All That Jazz 10% Pedigree B. Hanky Panky $300
This is a linebreeding on Allspice's dam, SGCH Spice
B. Lady's Secret Moonpie $250
Samse's daughter from last year.
B. Za'atar   Moonpie

A Spice granddaughter (Masala daughter), Za'atar is making me very happy.