Blythmoor's Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

2012 Kids

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Samse's quad doelings


Spice with newborn triplets.

Ziggy (Tiramisu x Quantum Leap)  

Lollipop had quads sired by Bazinga. The one in the middle is the buckling. Others are does. DOB 2/23/12



Two of Lolli's doe kids -- growing up.

Samse kids sired by Tanqueray.

Thyme's Boy

Frolic's Boys

Hua Mulan's buck kids out of Demand. Both the boys have wattles. DOB 2/21/12

Pattie's Boy - Moses


Pattie's girl












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American Dairy Goat Association
NW Oregon Dairy Goat Association
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association (Western Director)

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